Saturday, March 28, 2009

Martin Kippenberger at the Museum of Modern Art

Everyone visiting Manhattan before mid-May should see the Martin Kippenberger show at Moma. It is amazing. Kippenberger created a remarkable output of painting, installation, sculpture,  in his short life. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Art and Life and so on...

Humans are the only creatures that, despite the awareness of their inevitable death, continuously seek to improve their situation and comfort. My work is concerned with distraction and methods employed that divert one from an examination of those persistent themes; life, death, love and hate. The methods include, but are not limited to nostalgia, accumulation, disguise, entertainment, ideology, consumption and power. As a member of the cult of things, I am complicit in my employment of such distraction. My current work examines this co-option and identifies the truth of my own actuality.

My paintings reflect an attempt to visually organize thought using personal symbol and identity. It is through visual reference that I discern and understand. I respond to any visual media that conveys meaning with a minimum of words.

I am drawn to the physical reality of painting; the awareness of the paint, applying paint to a surface and ultimately the illusion painting creates. I am also interested in repetition, documentation, duplication and uniformity of scale. My palette reflects the geography in which I live.

I want to hear your thoughts on Art.