Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Strange Associations

Last Thursday, the sky was that of a Dutch Landscape painting with silver and grey clouds interrupted by bits of bright manganese blue. The skies depicted in the landscapes were, I once thought, fictional. Then, while traveling in Russia 6 years ago, I saw this sky for the first time, with the elusive silver gray clouds blowing in from the Gulf of Finland. Last Thursday, this sky hung over the most unlikely place - Brooklyn.

That same day, I had a one-on-one critique with a professor. We spoke for a long time about a painting I am working on. I had mentioned this painting in my last post. Annunciation, is composed of a pair of denim clad legs, a raven and a piece of cake. My professor was struck by the fact that the most innocuous, banal image in the painting, the cake, is actually the hinge on which the painting opens to the viewer. I am currently too "in" the painting to know this. I am also too doubtful of my own work, while working.

What I do know is this: that beauty and surprise do exist, and that they can be found in the most unexpected places. If we are lucky, we notice.

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