Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Practice List 6.10.2009

A great quote:

“ I have to be honest, I have to bring bad news. The bad news is that I believe that an artist is an artist because he chooses not to tamper with reality; he chooses not to better reality. The creative mind comes at a price, so ultimately, an artist makes an ethical choice - he deals not so much with the world of ideas, but with the world of forms. And the world of forms does not make deals.”

- Francesco Clemente

Listening to:

Grizzly Bear - All

Build, Build

Four Concepts, Banana Twins

All titles, Mat Lombardi

Spiegel im Spiegel I, Arvo Pert

Spiegel im Spiegel 3, Arvo Pert

Ravi Shankar


The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Daybook, Anne Truitt



The Empire Diner

Printed Matter, Artist’s Book Store

Brush Flush

Matt and Jason

The “A” train

the Empire Diner’s coffee

not having a car

My art criticism class

cowboy boots (still)

fresh milk

teddy bears

good water pressure in the shower


President Obama

La Marseillaise

blue writing paper

manila envelopes




Arcade Fire

New York rain

cheap umbrellas

Kanye West

anything related to the financial markets

that people are eating dirt in Haiti

Not having a car

paper cuts


the nagging pain in my right thumb and wrist

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