Friday, January 1, 2010


Resolutions. I don’t think I ever kept one. In fact, I can’t recall even making one. Remarkable things have happened to me during the past decade. My sole contribution was a willingness to say yes. I have no plans of giving up sugar, caffeine, meat or television in 2010. I’m going to continue highlighting my hair, wearing makeup and probably being, in general, quite vain.

Many of my hopes for 2010 seem to fall under the realm of my responsibilities, not my resolutions. They include a heightened demonstration of love, respect, compassion and tolerance for my fellows; employment, so that I may once again financially contribute to our household; mindful gratitude for the generosity of criticism; continued support for fellow artists; a willingness to ask and answer questions; the belief that, very often, others do know more than I do; and the ability to say yes more than no.

Something happened several weeks ago. A well respected, public figure in the art world gave me a vote of confidence. After seeing my work this individual observed that I (to paraphrase) “was a serious artist, making serious work, about a serious subject.” This was pretty heady information and I had to decide what to do with it. It took several days of reflection to come to a decision and the result is indeed a resolution. It’s simple. In 2010, I have to work harder.

I wish you peace, happiness, health and hard work this New Year - and beyond.

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  1. say more yes than no and work harder !!
    this is perfect . happy 2010 !!
    and great photo by the way