Monday, March 8, 2010

amazing grace

Ten years ago today, in spite of my best efforts, life changed dramatically. To quote a friend, “it was the worst day and the best day.”  Every ordinary day, which really means every extraordinary day, is because of that very low-down day.

Hearing Hollywood dole out the thanks last night caused me to reflect on all the people that have helped me get to the here and now: Jennifer, Julie and Darlene loom large. Also, Loretta, another Jennifer, Sue, Karyn, two Lauras, Brien, Melissa, Stephanie, Troy, John, Anna, and Christa. Throw in some Brooklyn gals: Regna, Haley and Audrey - all of you have been touchstones along the way and still now. There are a few newer names that matter every day - Bob, Rachel and Pat. Who’d a thunk it?

Then there’s Mat. No one has demonstrated more tolerance, patience and love than my beautiful Mat. I love you.

Finally there’s a personal, portable, light-up, dashboard Baby Jesus, because that is who You are right now and it’s working. Merci.

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