Saturday, July 18, 2009


One week from today, the elder of my two beautiful goddaughters, Elizabeth, is getting married to a lovely young man named Tony. The first time I was introduced to Tony was at Liz’s college graduation party. Liz kept nudging me and asking, “Aunt Sioban, isn’t he cute”? I suspected his bachelor days were numbered.

In her published journal, Daybook[1], sculptor Anne Truitt wrote,

“The first feelings of marriage are so heavenly. I remember I used to wake up on purpose just to feel how happy I was. The heady potpourri of marriage delighted me: the lavish closeness, the just balance between delight and responsibility, household decisions, the openendedness (the whole rest of our lives!), and the incredible beauty of being allowed to love someone as much as I wanted to”.

It is my experience that these feelings can continue throughout a marriage. I wish this for Liz and Tony.

What is it with we Nora’s and our Italians? Denise, Susan, Mat? I suspect that Liz’s Great Grandfather would secretly be very proud. After all, an early U.S. Census recording from Northern Michigan lists his given name as Domemico.

Pass the Fettuccini, please.

[1] Truitt, Anne, Daybook, The Journal of an Artist, New York, NY. Penguin Books, 1982.

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  1. In a week I'll be a Parisi, but I'll always be a Nora first!!