Monday, July 6, 2009


Earlier this year, in anticipation of my husband’s 50th birthday, I invited a number of artists to interpret one of three photo-booth portraits of him. The interpretation could be executed in any style or medium, the only restriction being a 5x7 format. Twenty-five artists, practicing a variety of disciplines, agreed to participate. The results are truly remarkable. They are compiled in a book called Semblance.

My end of the bargain was to complete a portrait of each of the artists that participated. To date, twenty-one of the portraits are or are nearly complete.

I love the human face. Painting these portraits has given me the opportunity to reflect on the subjects, many of whom I have known for some time. You notice the cast of their skin tone, the color of their eyes, their dimples and smile lines. You discover the features their children share. You spend quiet hours contemplating the person you are painting.

In the coming months, I will present some of the artists and talk about their work. It is as though I have been hoarding what began as a gift for my husband, and developed into a rich personal treasure. I look forward to sharing it.

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